Monitor Anywhere, Anytime


Remote monitoring 24/7

Instant picture and video transmission straight to your phone

Affordable and easy to use

No Wi-Fi or electricity needed

Pest Control
Trap Monitoring

Remotely Monitor Traps Anywhere 24/7

Monitoring for Nuisance Wildlife Control

Monitoring for Nuisance Wildlife Control


Reveal Cellular Cameras provide accurate real time activity alerts in the form of pictures and videos sent through cellular networks directly to your mobile devices. A highly valuable mobile tool that saves time and equips PCO’s with insights needed to quickly solve complicated pest problems while maintaining affordability with no data contracts.

Click the video thumbnail to preview some examples of videos that Reveal cameras captured with pests in action.

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Easy to Set Up

The Reveal Cellular Camera's easy to use, multi-carrier capable set-up allows PCO's to monitor the action as it’s happening from any location. The small, discreet, cellular cameras are engineered to handle extreme weather conditions and provide ultimate performance.

• Activate cameras only when you need them
• Reveal X Gen 2.0 operates on AT&T or Verizon nationwide LTE/4G networks (AT&T & Verizon SIM cards included)
• LED indicator showing signal strength and battery level
• Uploads thumbnail images with HD image requests (additional data charges may apply)
• Month-to-month data plans
• No contracts/activation fees
• Easy to use mobile app with daily camera status reports

Easy to Use

Control all the features of your cell cam from your smart phone. With the REVEAL app you can even manage multiple cameras. Simply connect the cameras to the app and watch the pictures and videos come in. View the pictures and videos and organize them into folders right in the app. The app also gives updates on your cameras to keep you informed of things like battery life and SD card storage. With this easy to use app right at your fingertips on your smart phone you'll always know what's going on with your traps without having to be anywhere near them.

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